Standing here now and looking back at our humble beginning, our Grace A.G. Church was started by my beloved father Rev. K. Kamalan David. It gives me great pleasure to share the experience that my father went through that has brought us this far.

My father Rev. K. Kamalan David was born on May 24th 1950 at K.K. District in a small village near Kaliyakkavilai named Manjavilai. His parents Mr. Keshavan and Mrs. Chellammal raised him in a Catholic faith. They named him as K. Kamalan Marian. Lord has called him for his Glorious purpose even in his child hood days. He was actively participated at the Church and was part of the Church Mass as Altar Server.

He finished his schooling at St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School at Tiruthuvapuram. Later, he joined Sengottai Assemblies of God I.T.I. in the year 1966. There he was a very active participant in all the work and was very obedient to faculty members. In 1969 when he was in his I.T.I. he accepted the Gospel and received Salvation and was baptized. He changed his name to K. Kamalan David.

At 1970, when he was 19 years old he started to work at an Industry in Guindy. During that time he was a member of the Kodambakkam A.G. Church headed by Pastor Eliezer. He was a great help for the Pastor. He was a part of poster ministry, tract ministry, street ministry, film ministry and worked diligently and stood out in his entire endeavor. Right after he came to Chennai and in his room he prayed fervently asking “Lord until you anoint me with your Holy Spirit, I will not depart from this place”. Lord answered his prayers and anointed him mightily. After that he led his parents and his siblings into the anointing. Because of his hard work, the company he was working has promoted him to a foreman. When he was free he dedicated his time in the ministry.

In 1970, when he was sticking posters for ministry he was arrested by the Police and was sent to jail. But he trusted in the Lord and prayed and they released him within minutes. Whatever work he starts, he starts it with a prayer. In 1975 April 23rd he married Shobana Bhai elder daughter of Mr. Enoch & Mrs. Rosammal of Mutzhukodhu, K.K. District. My parents were blessed with 5 children. 3 daughters and 2 sons and I am the third of them all.


In 1972 he started to seek God earnestly. He used to go to quiet places like Marina beach to have a long prayer time. And God spoke to him and he submitted himself for the greater call. When he was working he used to do part time ministry. But God called him to do fulltime ministry in the year 1977. But he didn’t submit himself to this call. During this time he was doing part time ministry at Kodambakkam Kirubasanam Church. In 1978 his elder daughter was sick unto death. He cried unto the Lord and she was saved. During this time he was not aware of his call for full time ministry. Then in 1979 his second daughter Sheela who was one and half years old when Lord called her home. Then and there in 1980 he understood God’s call and submitted him to the full time ministry. He was going through great suffering and trials. But God strengthened him to start a full time ministry at Pammal.


In the year 1980 a small temporary shed was build where the present day church is established and the service was started by Rev. D. Mohan in the presence of Rev. D. Dhayananthan. Lord started to bless the ministry as many souls started to come in. As result of that the temporary shed was removed in the year 1988 and a small church was constructed. This church was covered with Asbestos Sheet. God’s merciful hand was upon every work and we thank him for that. Bishop D. Dhayananthan and my father did ministry for 18 years in various parts of India. They together went and conducted many pastors meetings, film ministry, and prayer meeting. Due to this he got acquainted with many pastors and maintained a good testimony among them. He was also fondly called as a prayer warrior. In the church among the believers he was a good spiritual father for them.

From the beginning of 1999 every Sunday there were two services in the morning and one in the evening. So together 3 services were conducted every Sunday. Sunday school was conducted every morning in Sunday’s. Many ministries were started and because of my father’s hard work and perseverance many souls started to come to the church. Due to that even a bigger church was built in the place where the old church was by God’s grace. That church was dedicated by Rev. D. Mohan, Bishop D. Dhayananthan in the year 2002 June. My father had a prophetic vision that one day a church will be built in the first floor. Based on that the ground floor church was built. My father went through many trials and tribulations but still it never hindered him in the church ministry but he did victoriously. What the brains cannot accomplish kneels can was my father motto.


During my father’s ministry he conducted 3 great revival meeting at Pallavaram Attuthotti. Many people participated and were blessed. In the year 1996 Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar and Rev. D. Mohan, In the year 1997 Rev. M. Rajendran of Palayamkottai and in the year 1998 Rev. Jawahar Samuel gave message in the corresponding meetings. After that many such meetings were conducted. Because of these meetings many souls were brought to Christ.


During the last days, particularly last 3 months my father was preaching mostly about the Kingdom of Heaven. My father’s last sermon was on 2006 March 26th and that day he was preaching Matthew 25 about 10 virgins, sheeps and the goats, eternal life and eternal domination.

My father had great love and concern on the perishing souls. In every service he used to pray for people suffering from drinking addiction and other addictions and for leaders of the nations. The church believers were asked to hold each other hands and pray for all these things. My father gathered the Pastors of the area to pray for the assembly elections at the church. In that many participated and I prayed fervently for the nation. My father has raised many God’s servants who are doings various ministries in Tamilnadu and in many States of India.


On the morning of April 4th 2006 my father was telling my mother about the vision he had last night. “A beautiful and shiny circular wreath was decorated with flowers and a person came and gave it to me” after receiving it I ran away with it and my father said there may be lot of troubles ahead in the ministry that they may go through. On April 5th my father spoke to some of his close associates saying that I am standing in a beautiful garden and a new building was built in it and he went inside and stood there. On April 6th from 11:00 am to 03:00 pm my father met many of his colleagues and had fellowship with them and encouraged them in there ministries. Later that evening from 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm just like my father has promised he visited many of the believer’s houses he spend his time praying and encouraged them. After coming home around 09:15 pm he sat with us for family prayer. Then he spoke to some of his close pastors over the phone.


That night around 10:10 pm my father and my mother were praying as usual. They prayed for around 20 minutes. My father said “continue praying while I rest a bit” and went to bed. My father passed away peacefully and entered into eternity at around 10:45 pm.


  • He is very friendly.
  • He is very strict with the kids in our church but he loved them very much.
  • No matter how old a person is my father will correct them of their mistaken firmly and gently.
  • He is a very cheerful person.
  • He has helped many pastors’ kids in their studies and helped them in all possible ways.
  • My father is a great help for the poor and needy.
  • My father was always a part of the believers’ family taking part in their troubles and blessings.
  • My father life was full of challenges. But patiently he overcomes everything.
  • My father fought the good fight finished the race and kept the faith. Amen!